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If you are looking for a new way to get your students engaged in the classroom, zSpace is the perfect solution! While AR and VR are two quite different technologies, zSpace seems to combine the two. Users wear glasses and use a stylus while sensors in the zSpace track the user’s head movement. From the moment you put on the glasses you enter a new world of learning. You can drag a butterfly directly off the screen and analyze every part of it or dissect a human heart right before your eyes. The opportunities that a zSpace offers are endless. Users will be able to play in Newton’s ParkFranklin’s Lab, Curie’s Elements and Euclid’s Shapes.

It really is a unique experience and one that we are excited to share with you in The MOREnet Immersive Learning Lab (The MILL). The zSpace will be featured in our augmented reality and virtual reality class but it is cool enough that you may get to try it during other classes as well. It is great to experience but a bit difficult to explain, the video below explains it much better.

If you are interested in additional information check out their YouTube channel or follow them on Twitter.


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