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The FBI is warning of an increase in the W-2 tax form scam. This scam is usually in the form of a spoofed user or compromised account. It supposedly is a person of authority within your organization that will request that human resources forward the W-2 information of employees. This phishing scam may also be accompanied with a request for a wire transfer.

This scam has evolved and become one of the most devious schemes to get the user to reveal sensitive tax information.

“The Form W-2 scam has emerged as one of the most dangerous phishing emails in the tax community,” the IRS noted.

  • Put security best practices in place.
  • Never send personally identifiable information (PII) through unencrypted email or other processes.
  • Verify that the recipient of the data was the actual requestor.
  • Don’t open attachments or reply to suspicious email requests.
  • Never send a wire transfer without taking precautions to verify the recipient.

PSA-FBI Warning of Increase in W-2 Scams

FBI Warns of Spike in W-2 Phishing Campaigns

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