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“During National Week of Making, we recommit to sparking the creative confidence of all Americans and to giving them the skills, mentors, and resources they need to harness their passion and tackle some of our planet’s greatest challenges.”—Pres. Obama


More than 1,400 K-12 schools, representing almost 1 million students from all 50 states, are committing to a dedicated space for making, designating a champion for making, and having a public showcase of student projects.

More than 100 new commitments including … the investment in 100 new makerspaces by Google as part of the Launch Making program; and new steps to support making at 77 universities and colleges through Make Schools Alliance. — National Week of Making Fact Sheet


It’s not too late to participate! Check out KC Maker Faire June 25-26 Union Station

Why is Making relevant to education?

“There’s also mounting evidence that making is a good way to teach academic content. ‘The fear out there is that schools have to choose between making and academic work, but empirically that turns out not to be true,’ [Erica Halverson, an associate professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison] said.” — The ‘Maker’ Movement Is Coming to K-12: Can Schools Get It Right?

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