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Patti Jones recently joined MOREnet at a technical trainer. Prior to working for MOREnet Patti served as the Technology Director at Senath-Hornersville C-8. One of her many accomplishments while at Senath-Hornersville was developing a student help desk. I recently visited with Patti and asked her to tell me a bit about how she set it up and any consideration that would be helpful if others were wanting to start a student help desk.

A student help desk can be a huge asset to the IT department of any school.  Students can be used to do many repairs from minor fixes to major repairs of equipment.  In 2013 I worked at Senath Hornersville Schools and we implemented a student centered help desk in the IT department.  The school was a 1:1 school with chromebooks in grades 5-12.  

Students in the help desk were recommended by the staff and known to be trustworthy, self motivated, and interested in technology.  The first year 6 students were recruited but the following year the number at the high school was dropped to 3 while 4 were added to middle school.  

Students replaced screens, reloaded the chrome OS, setup new students in GAFE, set up logins for Powerschool, printed ID cards, and help staff with problems as they arose.  Teachers were very responsive to students helping them.


  • Student references from teachers- trustworthy, people skills, and willingness to learn
  • Full Administrative Support
  • Area for students to work
  • Ticketing System- We used Google Forms for Students
  • Someone to supervise work

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