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Security itself is a big tent and training is equally so.  So how do we get started?

Fortunately, many options are available that cater to several different needs.  We have many conferences and meetups that touch on or are dedicated to Security here in Missouri.  While we are going to hit those that we are aware of in this post if you know of something that we have not covered please share it below!

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Another option for keeping up with current events is Twitter.  Many security professionals maintain Twitter accounts and post commentary on the news of the day.  As for who to follow, I would recommend looking at the conference talk YouTube section below.  If you see a presenter give a Twitter handle at the beginning or end of their talk, look and see what they post.  Of course, MOREnet Security also maintains our own Twitter handle @MOREnetSecurity

If podcasts trip your trigger, there are many options out there.  Some examples are
Security Weekly
TwiT’s Security Now
Black Hills Information Security’s Podcast

For those that want to view conference talks but do not want to travel or spend money, YouTube is a great place to start.  Many security conferences post talks online after the conference is over.
Iron Geek is fantastic site to that end.  You can find many security conference talks there.  (Including Missouri’s own ShowMeCon)
BSides KC is another great example:  There should be more videos posted there soon since the 2018 conference was this past weekend.

There are lots of great conferences here in the state that are free or reasonably priced:
ShowMeCon: In the St. Louis Area.  It will be June 7th and 8th this year.
BSides Springfield:  It will be on July 14th.  While BSides conferences vary from place to place it is always a great opportunity to meet security professionals in the area. (And some that travel in from out of state!)
BSides STL:  It will be on September 1st.
MoTechTalk: Has a security focus this year but branches out into many IT topics.  It is on July 16th and 17th in Osage Beach.
MOREnet Conference:  Our conference has a Security Track and touches on many other aspects of IT.  It is October 15th through the 18th at Tan-Tar-A.
BSides KC: BSides KC is in the Spring, keep an eye on their webpage or twitter for registration information.

A quick note on Security Conferences.  While there will always be talks you just gotta see, there is great value in introducing yourself and talking to folks.  I have found that the Security community is in general one of the friendliest in the IT space.  Most of the folks I have talked to are passionate about their work and eager to share what they know.  If you happen to demonstrate ignorance on a topic, it is easily forgiven so long as you show a desire to learn.

Another option available is meetups.  Often they occur monthly.
Columbia security folks typically meet on the first Thursday of the month at Shakespeare’s South.
If you are in the KC area SecKC meets the second Tuesday of every month.  SecKC bills themselves as the largest security monthly meetup in the U.S. and I don’t doubt it.

We hope this blog has given you some ideas on where to start with training or at least given you some additional ideas.
Have a great week and use this information to learn something new!

Contributed by Luke Polson, MOREnet Cyber Security Analyst

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