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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. In order to prepare for activities and boost your organization’s security awareness posture we will focus on several areas in the cyber security realm. By the time October rolls around you should have plenty of resources to make you #CyberAware

This week we will focus on different resources you can use to enhance your cyber security awareness. You can print posters, write blogs, and use Social Media and chats to get the message out. Gamification is always fun. There are many resources for you so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. We all have limited time and our jobs require so much more from us on a daily basis. If you just create a simple template that includes the month and day, target audience and the resource you can easily develop an annual schedule. Make sure to track the results and feedback you get along the way and you will see that your program will automatically build itself.

Encourage staff and kids to get involved. Cyber security is everyone’s business.

Remember, cyber security awareness is an ongoing process.

Take a look at some of these resources and activities and see if you can incorporate a couple of them into October’s Cyber Security Awareness month. Follow us on Twitter @MOREnetSecurity for daily tips and resources.


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