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Capturing and holding a student’s attention can sometimes be a challenge. Ozobot turns a golf-ball sized robot into a great coding tool. Students will enjoy learning the basics of coding by creating their own color-coded streets for Ozobot to spin, turn and travel.

One of the best things about Ozobot is that it come with codes it already knows. For younger students, even as young as primary grades, they can simply use markers to draw their own streets with the codes that Ozobot already recognizes while still learning the basics of coding.

Middle and high school students can make their own codes online. When they hold the Ozobot up to the screen it will automatically take the code from the screen, allowing students to create more challenging landscapes with more requirements for Ozobot to execute. The MILL has Ozobots for our members to explore and experiment to see if they fit for your library  or school. Schedule time in the MILL today!

Discover how Ozobots can be used for instruction.

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