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Our streaming video solution,, has recently been upgraded with a couple new features. gives you the ability to upload and store video, live stream and embed, while giving your users an experience similar to YouTube, just without all the ads and extraneous noise. Our members use watch for a variety of purposes. The Missouri State Library has more than 100 videos covering several different topics. Check them out. Runge Conservation Nature Center has an ongoing live stream:

Anyone with a Full Membership Service Package already has access to included. Members with Basic Membership Service Packages can purchase the service for an additional fee.

Past versions of the software have limited members’ sites to the branding and look we established when we debuted the service. The new version, though, gives you back some control over the header graphics, colors and fonts. You’ll also have a few options for how your want to display the featured videos carousel. Another added feature for this release is support for 360-degree video.

New topics in vBrick Systems Online Help have been created to explain the new features and walk you through using them, and, as always, please feel free to reach out to if you have questions.

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