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We are pleased with the positive comments we have received on our new interface for MyMOREnet, our members only portal, launched late last year. On our new platform, we will have more flexibility to make enhancements to improve the value of this tool. Here are the most recent features added on March 30.

  1. A new Circuit Utilization Dashboard (see below) has been added. The new dashboard shows a graphical view of your circuit utilization with the ability to drill down into the details by clicking on Utilization and/or Max Utilization. Max Utilization is new and reports utilization at maximum throughput, instead of the 95th percentile, giving you a different view into your circuit utilization. This can be useful in your capacity planning efforts to determine bandwidth needs for circuit upgrades.
  2. A new Documents section has been added. This allows us to post documents of interest to you. As part of the release, we added documents developed by MSBA for K-12 schools.
  3. The new Subscriptions section shows all active service subscriptions you have with us and provides a real-time fee estimate based on current rates. Services are listed by Account and by specific Service Location(s) for services such as Internet Connectivity. You also have the ability to print a PDF of your current subscriptions and the associated fees to share as needed. This information can be helpful during budget planning cycles. Please note, the information presented it not intended to mirror actual invoice(s) and the estimated annual fees should not be used for invoicing or payment purposes.

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