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Millions of devices are at risk of attacks due to the vulnerability of most Intel processors and ARM chips. Nicknamed ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre,’ almost every computer, phone, cloud service and other mobile device may be affected. Windows, Apple’s Mac and iOS and Linux may be vulnerable. IoT devices are particularly weak due to their nature of having a limited interface for updating the device.

What’s the vulnerability? An attacker may be able to steal any data on the system. This includes passwords and sensitive data stored on the system.

Cloud services such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google are reacting to Meltdown.

Spectre and Meltdown explained 

Check to see if your system is vulnerable.

Protect your device against chip-related security vulnerabilities

Here’s what Intel, Apple, Microsoft and others are doing about it.



Sometimes things happen that put our security at risk. And we aren’t in control of it. We follow cyber security best practices like password complexity and reuse, installing anti-virus software, keeping our devices patched and up-to-date and making sure our environment is physically secure. When breaches and vulnerabilities are discovered, it reinforces the importance that we take control of what we can control. Hopefully, our proactive practices can help to reduce the impact of these ever-increasing occurrences.

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