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Start date: October 2015

Job title: GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Technician

How does the work you do affect our members? My work supports decision making about how to better and more efficiently offer products and services to members as well as the acquisition and maintenance of geographical data used internally by MOREnet. Usually this takes the form of making maps or performing geographic analysis, but I’m open to supporting the organization and its members in other ways as well. I plan on helping with the maker space project once it is in the operational phase, as I have some experience working with both the raspberry pi and lego mindstorms robots in personal projects.

When not working, what’s your favorite hobby? Reading web content and books, PC gaming, tinkering and movies, depending on what has captured my interest the most at the time. I enjoy bicycling during the spring and fall.

What did you want to be when you grew up? If I remember correctly my main interests back then were science and railroads, so something in those areas. I was never completely set on any particular job, though, because even back then I was aware my interests and opportunities might change.

Anything else we should know about you? I graduated from University of Missouri in 2015. I started here as a student assistant around that time, working with David Drum. My educational background is primarily in Geography and GIS, but I have a fair amount of informal hands-on experience solving various small-scale IT problems. In the past year I have worked to improve my knowledge of programming and web development (I used both of these skills to make the Member Service Advisor map on our public website) as well as linux command line usage.

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