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11880331_10154090450429256_8194067110779718851_nStart Date: January 2015

Job Title: Network Engineer

Describe what you do at MOREnet: Our group helps members on the LAN side of their networks. Everything from switching, wireless, servers and everything in between.
How does your work affect the members? We work directly with members and go the extra mile to help determine the cause of a problem, assist with troubleshooting and help implement a solution to get you back up and running. I like to think of us as the “12th man” for your tech department.

11257917_655551407908379_5822320379185112623_nWhat’s your favorite hobby? Pinball. I play and run the Columbia Pinball League as well as organize lots of tournaments. I play competitively all over the country. Most of my vacation time is used traveling to play in large tournaments. I have been playing competitively for almost three years.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I wanted to be a hockey player.

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