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Start date: January 2014

Job title: Manager, Marketing and Product Development

Describe what you do at MOREnet: I lead the team that finds ways to continuously add value to being a part of the MOREnet Consortium. We help showcase and research products and services to make business operations and technical support easier, while benefiting public sector and academia. We also train the end users on how to best utilize technology.

How does your work affect members? My priority is to help our members remain empowered in an ever-changing technology landscape. Technology and connectivity continues to become a necessity in our everyday lives, my team works to find the best solutions, develop case studies and offer tools to increase security, decrease management efforts and capitalize the usability of all of the technology available.

What is your favorite hobby? I like any sort of outdoor adventure… I enjoy hiking, walking the trail, and fishing (well, more like reading in the fishing boat with the dog at my feet while my husband fishes). I spend most of my “free time” chauffeuring around a teenager who is dedicated to a competitive cheerleading team.

Thurnau used a cassette recorder to produce “podcasts” for her family.

What did you want to be when you grew up? When I was in middle school, I would record “podcasts” with my sister on a cassette recorder.  We’d talk about what was going on in school, and in extracurricular activities, and discuss goals and dreams, with maybe a bit of gossip thrown in for the listening enjoyment of our extended family.  I’m certain we could still sing our theme song that opened every episode.  By high school, I started working toward public relations and customer service for rural demographics. One of the things that drew me to MOREnet was our depth and breadth across the state and the commitment to bring technology to rural classrooms through a robust internet connection and various training programs. I appreciate the fact that MOREnet brings resources to the community to enhance economic development.   Maybe someday, I’ll utilize the technology that we facilitate here to host a nationally syndicated radio show.

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