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bobStart date: May 2006

Job title: Technical Trainer

Describe what you do at MOREnet: I research education technology tools and trends. Then I share the information, tools and techniques I find with schools, libraries and higher education institutions throughout the state. I provide this information through in-services at schools, classes at MOREnet and presenting at numerous local, regional and national conferences.

How does your work affect the members? Technology changes so fast and new tools and techniques are created every day. Just keeping up with what you have can be overwhelming. By staying on the bleeding edge of technology, we can look at trends, tools and updates to existing technology and share that information with our members. We can weed out tools that are not useful, test and point out the impact of new technology on members’ networks, infrastructure and professional development needs. Often we are the first in the state to explore new technology and bring it to our members, providing them valuable early insight into the total impact of new technology.

What’s your favorite hobby? Anything running or bicycling related. Right now it’s trail running.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A fighter pilot

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