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Start date: Dec. 8, 2008

Job title: Sr. Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Describe what you do at MOREnet: I am the liaison to our members in all forms of mass communications and marketing materials. In other words, I am the one who sends you valuable information each month about the happenings around MOREnet and our service offerings. If you are not getting communications from me (UM Communications or MOREnet Communcations) you should be! Email me at and I will get you on the list. And no, I am a firm believer in not spamming you so you will get one or two emails from me a month.

When I am not sending emails or creating marketing/communications tools, I am helping Sandra Monnig gear up for our Annual Conference. I help with the conference each year on the marketing efforts as well as assist in the logistics and exhibitors.

How does your work affect members? Hopefully members are more informed about what MOREnet has to offer and what events and services members can be taking advantage of with their membership.

What is your favorite hobby? I am an avid road cyclist, logging in about 1,500 miles on my bike each year. This year I plan to bike across ½ of Missouri from Marshall to Louisiana for three days in June. If that goes well, I plan to bike across all of Missouri in 2018 (St. Joe to Louisiana). Maybe I will stop by your school or library for a water refill…

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a hairdresser and do hair in my mom and dad’s basement while my mom babysat my 6 kids upstairs.

Anything else we should know about you? I like to laugh, a lot, and I try not to take life too seriously.  It’s hard sometimes with two teenagers and a full-time job, but I try to be thankful for the simple things about life.

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