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If you find yourself in a classroom of Chromebooks, it will be important to know how to make the devices work for staff and students.  Customizing settings, establishing startup web pages, and connecting various apps and extensions can enhance the learning environment.  Settings and items added through the Chrome Web Store are connected to the user’s account, so they are transferable between Chromebooks and not tied to the device itself.  This greatly aids in rolling these devices out in schools.

  • Don’t use the Chromebook search key? Switch the keyboard setting to change the search key into a more traditional caps lock. To temporarily switch the search key to caps lock, simply click Alt + Search.
  • The Chrome Web Store allows users to add tools that enhance the browsing experience by connecting extensions to their account. Want to share your teaching device’s screen with your projector display, or perhaps even allow the learners to share their screen during class?  There’s an extension in the Web Store that allows Chromebook users to broadcast devices that are not directly wired to the projector.
  • Functionality is key in today’s classroom, especially when introducing technology. Chromebooks are versatile instruments of education, and can be used in classrooms from kindergarten through high school.  They boast a tremendous battery life which allows them to be used throughout the course of a school day.

    Chromebook Screenshot of Screen Cast

    Once you download the screen casting extension, click the three buttons in the top right corner to cast your screen

Chromebook screenshot of viewing permissions

Easily select who has access to what materials

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