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On September 14, 2016 New Media Consortium and the Consortium of School Networking (COSN) released the 2016 K-12 edition of the Horizon Report and Toolkit. The report examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in schools. The report identifies trends, challenges and important developments in K-12 educational technology and  attempts to identify when they will impact schools.

A few items in the report that MOREnet is actively working on:

  • Coding as a Literacy – we currently offer an intro to coding course and are developing more advanced courses
  • Makerspaces – join us at Conference to learn about our makerspace and maker classes 
  • Online Learning – MOREnet members have the opportunity to purchase Canvas licences at a reduced rate, utilize Zoom and to build a robust online or blended learning environment
  • Robotics – we are including robotics in our makerspace and will be offering a robotics class
  • Virtual Reality – we are including virtual reality and augmented reality in our makerspace and will be offering a VR/AR class

Read the Full Report:

Use the Toolkit to start a discussion:


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