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Grandview R-II School District Computer/Internet Access Acceptable Use Policy

Internet access is available to students and teachers in the Grandview R-II School District through the Missouri Research and Educational Network (MOREnet), [an] educational Internet access program. The goal of the Grandview R-II School District in providing Internet service to students and teachers is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, research, innovation, and communication.

Information Content & Uses of the System: Along with national and international access to computers, people, and information valuable to the education process comes the availability of material that may not be considered of educational value in a school setting. The Grandview R-II School District takes precautions to restrict access to controversial materials by teaching students responsible computer and Internet use, and through the possible utilization of “firewall” software, block student access to inappropriate materials. Users are advised that some sites may contain defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, offensive, or illegal material. Grandview R-II does not condone the use of such materials and does not permit usage of such materials in the school environment. Users knowingly bringing such materials into the school environment may be subject to disciplinary action. Use of the Grandview R-II School District Internet connection is an educational privilege. Commercial uses of the system are strictly prohibited. Inappropriate use of computers, software, or the Internet will result in cancellation of these privileges.

The District will not tolerate any form of cyber bullying through the use of electronic communications. Anyone who engages in this will be in violation of this agreement and subject to disciplinary action.

In addition, Grandview R-II reserves the right to inspect any materials stored in files, whether obtained from the school’s system or brought in from other sources, and will delete any material believed to be inappropriate.

Copyrighted Material: Grandview R-II School District expects students to be familiar with copyright law and ethical use of copyrighted material. Copyrighted material must not be placed on any system connected to the Grandview R-II School District without the author’s permission. Users may download copyrighted material for their own use. Reproduction of copyrighted material is strictly forbidden without authorization of the author. Illegal (pirated) software will not be allowed on the System under any circumstances.

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