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There is an advanced editor built into Moodle. Users can insert text, images, equations, videos, sounds and other items. In addition, the full screen editor and the resizable editing screen offers more screen real estate. Hover over the tools to see what they do.


Students have many tools to support them during Moodle-created quizzes. With each question there is an option to Flag Question in case the student wants to return to it before submitting.New_document_11-g9634-708

When the end of a quiz is reached, students must click the Next button to see options for completing the quiz.New_document_11-g9638-259

Students will see a Quiz Navigation block to assist them in completing a quiz. They can navigate to any question, see which ones are not answered and see any flagged questions. They also see a summary of their attempt. This is where they must click Submit all and Finish.New_document_12-g10183-113 New_document_12-g10191-1006

Creating Backups

At any time you can make a complete backup of your course. This could be for archiving purposes with or without enrolled user data. It could also be to create a duplicate of a course for use with another group of participants.

To create a backup follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Administration block.
  2. Under Course Administration, choose Backup.New_document_12-g10199-380
  3. At this point, you will see a screen allowing you to choose your backup settings. It is important to determine whether or not you want to keep your user data (grades, assignments, posts, etc.) or if you want a backup of the course content without participant data.
  4. This is controlled by the checkbox beside “Include enrolled users”. If you want to keep that information leave it checked. If you DO NOT want user data, click to UNCHECK the box.
  5. Click Next in the bottom right.
  6. The next screen will select Schema settings. This is where you could selectively decide which sections or activities are included in your backup. If you want them all, simply click Next. (NOTE: If you decided to UNCHECK the “include enrolled users” box, you will see a red X beside the user column.)
  7. On the Confirmation Review page, you will see a summary of your earlier choices. Once you are ready to perform your backup, click Perform Backup.
  8. You will see a Complete page. Click Continue.
  9. You will then see the Course Backup Area. To download a copy of your backup for safe storage, find the backup file name and time.
  10. Click Download beside the desired backup file.New_document_12-g10203-126
  11. Navigate to the location where you wish to save the file. Click SAVE.

Resetting a Course

Resetting a course allows the teacher to maintain all content, but deletes the users and user data from the course. This is done at the beginning of a school year or semester to start with a new group of participants. Please note: If you wish to keep the participant data, you must run a backup and save it externally BEFORE resetting the course.

  1. From the Administration block under Course Administration, choose Reset.New_document_13-g4192-867
  2. Select the desired options under each category:
    1. General – Here you can choose to delete previous events, logs, notes and comments.
    2. Roles – To un-enroll students from your course in order to allow new participants to enroll, click on Student in the un-enroll users box.
    3. Gradebook – In this area only select the checkbox beside Delete All Grades (unless you wish to delete all items and categories in the gradebook for this course).
    4. Groups – This section allows you to delete groups and groupings from your course.
    5. Assignments – Here you can delete previous students’ assignment submissions.
    6. Forums – This allows you to delete posts from your forums. Remember that any posts you have made to the forum will be deleted as well.
    7. Journals – Select this to remove journal messages from student journals in this course.
  3. Select Reset Course.
  4. You will see the Reset Course Overview. Simply click Continue.
  5. Then you will be taken back to your newly reset course.

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