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Once you have content in your course, you can manage the sections within the course as needed.

  1. Move Section: This allows you to change the order of sections by dragging and dropping.New_document_9-g8582-848
  2. Edit Summary: Use this icon to change information included in the section title.
  3. Highlight this topic as the current topic: This is used to bring emphasis to the current section of study within your course. It adds a color to the section box depending on your section theme.
  4. Hide Topic: This allows the teacher to keep a section hidden until it is ready to be viewed by students. This is helpful while teachers are working on an area of the course which is not yet finished.

Course Content Grading

When you add any activity, you will have the option to make it a graded item. You will set up your grading options with each assignment. Any grades given in Moodle DO NOT go into Tyler SIS, they are available for reference for students within Moodle.

To grade the item, click on the name of the activity either in the Grades menu or in the section view. You will need to click on “View” submitted items or entries in the top right corner. Enter your grades/comments and click Save all My Feedback.

Clicking on Grades will allow you to see all assignments, grades and missing submissions. In addition, the drop down menu in the top left corner gives you many options for your gradebook.

Adding Users

Students can either self-register or be manually added to a course.

Manual Enrollment

To manually enroll a user, first locate your Administration Block.New_document_10-g9119-603

  1. Click Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrollment methods.
  2. Click on the “people” icon next to Manual Enrollments. (The actual look of the icon may vary by theme.)
  3. First change the “Assign Role” box to the role you want the user to have.
  4. Select the desired duration and Start date from the drop down menu.
  5. Search for the user in the search field under “Not Enrolled Users”. The system will automatically search the users. Note: If you do not see the name of a current user in the list, it is probably because they have not logged in before and filled out the required profile fields. Once they have done this, their names will appear in the search.
  6. Click on the user’s name.
  7. Click Add. The name will then appear under “Enrolled Users”.

Removing users from a course works the same way, reversing the sides of the searching and using the Remove button.

Self-Enrollment (with Key)

To have a user enroll in a course, first you have to set this up in your course.

  1. Click Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrollment Methods.New_document_11-g9626-220
  2. Click on the Edit icon. (Appearance may differ by theme.)
  3. To add an Enrollment Key to your course, type a password in the Enrollment Key field.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save changes.
  5. Provide this key to any students you wish to have self-enroll in your course.
  6. When they visit your course for the first time, they will be prompted to enter the key in order to access the course materials.

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