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The Administration Block has three main sections.New_document_3-g5350-657

Course Administration

In this area, you will find the course settings which were formerly in the Administration box. Here you can edit the course settings, access grading, and backup/restore your course files.

One of the options under Course Administration that you may find the most helpful is the Edit Settings option. You will find the following sections within Edit Settings:

  • General
    • Rename your course
    • Choose Visibility options (Show=appears in list of courses, Hide=only shows up to teachers of that course)
    • Course start date
  • Description
    • Summary of course/class
    • Course Summary Files (syllabus, schedule, etc.)
    • NOTE: Use the Add button instead of drag and drop for adding files (to be discussed in a later section).New_document_4-g5739-667
  • Course Format
    • Choose from weekly or topics formats
    • Choose number of course sections
  • Appearance
    • Choose a theme
    • Determine gradebook visibility
    • Determine activity reports visibility
  • Files and Uploads
    • Choose maximum upload size for students (up to 500MB)
  • Completion Tracking, Guest Access and Role Renaming should NOT be used.

Switch Role To…

The role of student has different permissions than a teacher. All teachers can view their courses from the student’s perspective. In a few easy steps you can temporarily change your role.

  1. Click on Settings and choose Switch role to…
  2. Click on the role in which you wish to view your course.
  3. Your course view will change and you will see your content as a user with that role.
  4. To return to your role, click on Administration Block and choose Return to my normal role. You can also see a link in the top right of your screen.New_document_5-g6494-710

My Profile Settings

Here users can access settings particular to their accounts. This includes profile information, password maintenance, and other personal settings. (NOTE: My Profile on the Navigation block does not give editing access for your profile.)

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