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The area in the center of your page is where course content can be added. This area is either divided into topics or weeks (depending on your choices above in Edit Settings). In addition, you have a “Summary section” above the numbered or dated sections. This will allow you to enter a course title, an image and any other information which summarizes your course.

To edit or add content to the course content area, you must click the “Turn editing on” button in the top right-hand corner.New_document_5-g6498-220

In order from left to right, the possible tools available are:New_document_5-g6682-540

Edit Title: This is where you can edit the title of the Activity.

Move Right: This is used for indenting.

Move: This is used for reordering or moving of assignments or activities.

Update: This is where a particular section of the topic or assignment can be edited.

Duplicate: This allows the user to make a copy of an activity or resource to use in another section.

Delete: This is used to delete an assignment or resource.

Hide: Use this icon to hide activities from students until they are ready for display. NOTE: If you add activities to a hidden box, they will be hidden by default. You will need to unhide each individual activity.

Groups: This is used only when subgroups are used within a class.

Assign Roles: This provides the opportunity to assign roles specific to an activity or resource.

Student Completion: This allows students to manually mark items as complete.

Creating Basic Activities in Your Course
To add resources, follow these steps:New_document_6-g6971-113

  • Make sure you have turned editing on (using the button)
  • Navigate to the section of your course to which you would like to add an activity/resource.
  • In each section, when editing is turned on, there is an “Add and activity or resource” link.
  • Click this link to add an activity or a resource.
  • A window will open from which you can choose your activity or resource type (1).
  • Use the scroll bar in the center of the window to see more Activity/Resource options (2).
  • Once you click on an activity or resource, a description will display on the right-hand side of the window (3).
  • Once you have clicked on your desired activity or resource, click Add (4).
  • Customize the item to add it to your course. If you need help with the item, click on the (?) for assistance.

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