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Many of our members utilize Google for Education. We support that technology integration with training and encourage you to take advantage of sessions, including an upcoming week of various Google classes from June 11-15.  The week starts with Google Basics and Google Docs and ends with Slides, Drawings and Sites.

Gmail rolled out a few changes on the domain level, and our team has been reviewing them. To turn on the changes, go to the settings gear.  The link to turn it on will be the first option.  There’s just a handful of notable changes:

  • The big fire under this new release is the impending “self destructing emails” that disappear like messages in Snapchat. According to Google, admins will have the opportunity to shut that feature off to eliminate a hole for cyberbullies and other inappropriate content for schools and public entities.
  • The left menu expands and contracts now to give you more reading room
  • You can manage your labels in the left menu by simply mousing over them and clicking on the three dot menu
  • Contacts is now accessed through the Google Apps Menu only.  No more pull down menu under the “Gmail” icon on the top left side.
  • To access quick menu icons to Archive, Delete, Mark unread or Snooze on an email, just mouse over it and look for the icons on the right side of the message preview.
  • There is an Advanced tab in settings now.  A couple of new things are in there as well as some old stuff like turning on the preview pane.
  • On the right side you have direct access to your calendar, Keep and Tasks.  Although the look has changed, the functionality is the same.

As always, our technical integration (training) team will continue to monitor changes in Google and keep you updated to help make any sort of transitions easier on you and your team.

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