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Resources for Success

Once a teacher feels they adequately evaluated his or her teaching style, selected a model that suits them, we as a district provide them the technical support and materials needed to implement the teacher’s specific flipped classroom model. The technology and tools that Grandview provides for the teachers are as follows:

Moodle (Learning Management System):

Grandview provide a learning management system called Moodle. Moodle hosts the videos and flipped lessons that are available for download by the students. Moodle also serves as a file management system that allows students to access videos and learning content from home or other Wi-Fi hotspots.


The most beneficial resource that the Grandview District has provided for the teachers is a collection of State Standard based questions provided by USATestprep. The test program provides benchmark tests combined with real time results for the teachers. Teachers are capable of creating a video, test, activity, or game that is centered and tailored to specific weakness of the student or the class as a whole. Implementation of this program leads to greater engagement in the classroom as well as continued practiced with computer based assessment in alignment with Missouri State Assessments.

Additional Resources (curated):

Many teachers who choose to flip a classroom incorporate some other form of resource that may not be teacher generated. For example; many elementary teacher utilize free videos from Teacher Tube, YouTube, as well as Kahn Academy and TED Talks. Although these resources are beneficial to the classroom environment, the teachers understand that the videos are not a substitute for facilitated learning.

Webcams in each room:

Each teacher is given a webcam (either on laptop or external that can be plugged in USB slots). Teachers are trained on how to record with the webcam using Microsoft Movie Maker.

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