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Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all parts of the Internet the same, not discriminating based on content, website, platform or user.  As you can imagine, with connectivity being mission critical to so much of the work you do, we have members asking what today’s FCC vote to repeal net neutrality could mean for academia and the public sector.

MOREnet is part of the broader research and education network community, which means we are committed to making all of the Internet available to all users, and ensuring the connection you receive from us performs well for all your constituents, not limiting access to services and content you desire.  Every connection we offer has been obtained through public procurement, a rigorous process to choose qualified vendors that includes assurance that the full bandwidth rate is accessible, the service is reliable, and the price is competitive.The priority of the MOREnet consortium remains the empowerment of our members and the public good to stay relevant in a changing technical environment.  As technology and connectivity continue to be a necessity for your day to day operations, we will continue to provide you with much more than just a reliable and robust connection.

In addition to providing tools and services that increase security, decrease management efforts and capitalize on the usability of that robust connection you’ve come to expect, we continue to honor promises made. We do not censor, we do not sell our members’ traffic data and we do not block or discriminate against any legal applications or content traversing our network.

Like other research and education networks, we will continue to take a comprehensive, cost-conscious approach to maintaining great networking performance, reliability and support.  MOREnet was built on the principle of a free and open network as a key component to innovation and advancement.  In short, today’s decision likely won’t have any immediate impact or change the way we have always delivered our high quality, robust Internet connection.

For additional information, we invite you to visit The Quilt’s blog post on net neutrality.



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