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I’m sure by now you’ve heard us refer to the MOREnet Immersive Learning Lab (MILL) a couple of times, but maybe you are still wondering what the MILL is all about.

STEAM programs are growing in schools and libraries, with makerspaces being the most widely used component of most STEAM programs. It can be expensive to get the necessary training to effectively implement a makerspace. That’s exactly why the MILL is here to help you! The MILL’s mission is to provide you with an opportunity to experience maker equipment so you can make informed decisions and incorporate STEAM programs in your organization. It is a great place to get hands-on learning in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

During your visit at the MILL, we focus on showing you how to use the equipment and ways you can use it in class. However, we also focus on showing you a variety of options that vary in price and difficulty. Whether you’re looking for STEM training, community classes or even a great field trip for your students, the MILL is a fun, educational place to collaborate and learn.

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