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Tip #3: Digital File Purge and Protect

Tend to your digital records just as you do for paper files, be sure to properly dispose of sensitive materials – such as hard drives, disks and memory cards.


  1. Clean our your old email and empty deleted folders. If you need to keep old messages move them to an archive.
  2. Delete or archive older files and outdated financial statements.
  3. Unsubscribe to newsletters, email alerts and updates you no longer read.
  4. Update your online photo album by deleting or backing up old or less flattering photos.
  5. Update online relationships by reviewing friends on social networks and all contacts lists to make sure everyone still belongs.
  6. Copy important data to a secure cloud site of other drive where it can be safely stored.
  7. Password protect back-up drives and keep them in a different location off the network.
  8. Permanently deleted all old files.


Check back tomorrow for Tip #4!

This post was taken from and is part of our effort to bring awareness to Data Privacy Day taking place on January 28th. Be sure to check what the day is all about here. Find ways to get involved and take action to help create a culture of privacy awareness here.

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