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Data Privacy Day Tip 2

Tip #2: Digital File Purge and Protection

Enhancing the security of your online account is a must and a fast, simple way to be safer online.
  1. Turn on two-factor authentication on critical accounts like email, banking and social media.
  2. Secure your router by making sure it has a strong password and does not broadcast who you are through its name, such as “the Jones Family” or “123 Elm Street”
  3. Make better passwords by combining upper and lower case letters with numbers and symbols.
  4. Make unique passwords for important accounts like email, finance and healthcare.
  5. Write down your new passwords and store them in a safe place away from your computer.
  6. Check to ensure all devices are password, passcode, or fingerprint protected.

Check back tomorrow for Tip #3!

This post is taken from and part of our effort to bring awareness to Data Privacy Day taking place on January 28th. Be sure to check what the day is all about here. Find ways to get involved and take action to help create a culture of privacy awareness here.

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