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Here’s a summary (with links to full articles) of what we might expect to see in the cyber security realm this year.

A Hoard of Locusts will Control Systems Daily

  • Malware will get smarter and threats more serious
  • We will see exploits using facial recognition or fingerprint access
  • We will see the first widespread mobile phone ransomware
  • The boom of IoT will cause a major breach of privacy without content

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  • There will be at least one more major data breach
  • There will be a significant disruption of Internet traffic caused by a botnet attack
  • The US government will fluctuate between putting an emphasis on cyber security regulations and personnel… or not.
  • The Internet of Things will experience more of a mandate than a form of standards.

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  • Ransomware will continue to explode in the cloud
  • Bitcoin wallets will be hacked and controlled through automated processes.
  • There will be an increase in cyber security frameworks

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  • Will cyrptocurrencies be regulated?

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  • Ransomware will be the most dangerous threat
  • Cybercriminals focus on cryptocurrencies
  • A joint international effort to fight cybercrime
  • A rise in mobile threats
  • Cyber-insurance proposals will explode
  • Cyberbullying: The emergency continues

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