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This week @MOREnetSecurity shared #CyberAware tips focused on Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying. Here’s a recap of our tweets:

  • Only post things about other people that you would like them to post about you
  • Share with care. What you post today can last a lifetime.
  • Don’t participate in negative interactions online. Report bullying. Don’t engage.
  • Digital footprints are like a tattoo. Once it’s out there it’s FOREVER. Think before you post.
  • Sharing online? Think before you post.
  • Own your online presence
  • Your online actions have real world consequences. T.H.I.N.K.


Featured Sites and Activities:

Digital Citizenship – videos, curriculum and tips – Using Technology Appropriately
Stop Cyberbullying
National Bullying Prevention Center
Follow @MOREnetSecurity next week as we wrap up #CyberAware Month with a focus on Securing Mobile Devices, Phishing and Passwords.

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