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This week @MOREnetSecurity shared #CyberAware tips focused on Social Media and Privacy. Here’s a recap of our tweets:

  • Personal information is like money. Value it!
  • Review privacy information before enrolling in a service.
  • Oversharing?
  • Protect your personal information
  • Think about the privacy rights of others before sharing that group pic
  • Use privacy settings to restrict viewing of your online profile
  • Your online presence can be a good thing. Show off your good side.

Featured Sites and Activities:

Digital Compass is an animated choose-your-own-path interactive gaming platform, developed with middle schoolers in mind. Learn valuable digital citizenship skills by stepping into the shoes of one of 8 characters to experience the twists and turns of daily digital life.

Social and Data Privacy Issues
Special Issues for Young Children
Special Issues for Teens
Follow @MOREnetSecurity next week as we continue to celebrate #CyberAware Month with a focus on Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying.


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