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This week @MOREnetSecurity shared #CyberAware tips focused on staying safe online. Here’s a recap of our tweets:

  • Share with care. What you post today can last a lifetime
  • When shopping/banking online be aware of what websites are secure. Look for the padlock or https in the website address bar.
  • Keep your device up to date. Outdated software can create security holes.
  • Stay safe online
  • Don’t reply to messages asking for personal information
  • Use caution downloading ‘Free stuff’. This can contain malware.
  • Share personal information over encrypted websites only.

Featured Sites and Activities:

Free Security Check-ups and Tools
Middle & High School Cybersafety & cyberethics lessons
Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

Online safety sing-a-long

Follow @MOREnetSecurity next week as we continue to celebrate #CyberAware Month with a focus on Social Media and Privacy.


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