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We are pleased to bring you featured speaker, Melissa Straub. Melissa is a private investigator that focuses on cybercrime. We heard her speak at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Conference and are excited to bring her expertise to our Missouri audience.

Private Investigator and social justice advocate, Straub is a highly experienced and credentialed professional within the investigative and consulting arena since 1993 and is a licensed Private Detective in the State of New Jersey. In addition, Melissa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Pre Law and Master’s Degree in Counseling and New Jersey & New York State School Counselors certifications, enabling a deeper understanding of current social justice and child advocacy issues. Armed with advanced technical certifications, she is able to provide a technical “spin” to a vast array of investigative scenarios. Melissa will present on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 on Social Networking, Cyberbullying and The Internet: Navigating in The Digital Age.

To learn a little more about Melissa, listen in as our Cyber Security Analyst, Kathy Bellew interviews her .

There’s still time to register for our Annual Conference, scheduled for Oct. 9-12.

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