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Computer Science in Education Week is December 5-12. The most popular event of the week will be Hour of Code. This is a global effort to get people to dedicate one hour to learning how to code. It may be a little scary to have your students code if you know little about coding yourself. Fortunately there are 171 one hour tutorials to get your students started, there is even a handy How-to Guide. These tutorials are appropriate for pre-readers through adults.

One of my favorite coding sites  for students is They have a wide variety of high interest coding courses for ages 4 and up, including JavaScript. They have developed a complete curriculum for grades K-5 and have identified several resources for teachers who want to learn more about coding. Kathy Hay, from the Keystone AEA in Iowa, aligned the K-5 curriculum with learning standards so that you can see how coding can fit in the curriculum. Teachers can create classes and track student progress in the courses; however,please note that if you create accounts for your students their progress during Computer Science Week will not be saved to their account, there is just too much traffic during this time.

A nice follow up to some of the coding tutorials found at is Scratch, developed at MIT. It uses similar block coding as but gives users more freedom to design thier own activities. If you are interested in learning more about Scratch check out Harvard’s ScratchEd. There you will find a community of teachers using Scratch as well as resources like the Creative Computing book and the Creative Computing Learner Workbook.

The MOREnet training team is working to develop new coding classes, keep an eye on the training calendar for the new class offerings this summer.

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