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You have likely heard that Missouri is working on computer science teacher and student standards, this is definitely an exciting time for computer science. This week is Computer Science Education Week and also Hour of Code week, a great time to start promoting computer science in Missouri.

There are numerous free resources available for you to introduce computer science to someone new. Check out Computer Science Education Week’s website for some great resources. also has amazing free resources for any level of learner. This year they have introduced an activity that allows you to create your own dance party with music from a variety of popular artists.  You are able to create with or without an account and absolutely no experience is necessary to be successful so don’t be afraid the share it students or patrons.

Scratch from MIT is another exceptional resource resource. ScratchED from Harvard has amazing resource for educators including a full curriculum and a teacher community. Those are two heavy hitters offering free resources to for schools and libraries.

Interested in learning more about computer science for yourself? Harvard’s CS50: Introduction to Computer Science is a free, self-paced, online course available on edX or YouTube.

If you are looking for some hands on experience with coding, reach out to the MOREnet training team or watch the MOREnet Professional Development Schedule for opportunities.

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