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Do you have a science teacher who would be perfect for field testing a blended middle-school science classroom?

Mission HydroSci (MHS), an innovative STEM initiative, has developed a game-based 3D virtual learning environment (3D VLE) for teaching and learning about water systems and scientific argumentation in blended or distance education. New national standards for science education (NGSS) call for students to learn core ideas embedded within engagement in scientific practices. Reaching these standards will be a challenge for the most highly resourced schools, but is daunting for students in rural or underserved communities. The MHS project has built a game-based virtual learning system for reaching these standards that will impact the learning of middle school youth and serve as an example of engaging, effective learning that provides access to high-quality learning experiences for students no matter what their circumstances.

If your school is interested in participating in the spring 2018 field test for blending middle-school science classrooms, please contact Andy King today as space is limited


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