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A Better Way to Google Takeout

Schools have been frustrated with the Google tool for helping migrate student data out of Drive (called Google Takeout) because although it does a good job, it converts the files it exports from the Google format to Office on export. Now Google has another, better option to try.

Go to this URL for Google Takeout.

Now scroll down to the SECOND option which allows you to transfer your files instead of exporting them. It is an easy process. You just tell it what files you want (you can do Drive or Gmail) and tell it which From and To accounts. It sends an email to the From account (for security) with a code in it. Copy that code and paste it in the transfer section and off it goes! Google says it can take up to a week to complete, but my test was done in 24 hours. You get an email when it is done. The big advantage of this technique is that it does not convert the files; it just makes a copy of them in your new Drive account!

Use Google Takeout to transfer files instead of exporting them from Drive.

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