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Joey Bryan, a technical integration specialist for MOREnet tells us that educators love the simple way they can monitor student engagement and activities while in class, with Apple Classroom.  What this tool provides instructors is a live feed to student devices.  This feature aids in classroom management and helps the teacher keep students focused on tasks at hand.  Teachers can push content to students as websites, files or even specific apps.

With Apple Classroom and a few other iPad tools, teachers can utilize these devices for the powerful resource they are.  Classroom can help students by getting material shared as individuals or groups, as well as share their work back with their classroom leaders.  iPads are frequently found in most elementary schools, but are not being utilized to their full capabilities.  If teaching in an iPad learning environment, Apple Classroom is essential to help the learning environment function smoothly and efficiently.  The MOREnet technical integration team recently held Mac and iPad focused classes to highlight the native tools that are built into these devices, including Pages, iMovie and Apple Classroom.

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