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It’s anticipated that when the current freshman class graduates from high school, there will be 1,800,000 unfilled cyber jobs in the U.S.

As we prepare these students for career readiness, it is more critical than ever to generate an interest in security and technology careers. Our actions can help slow the gap in our talent pool of qualified individuals and the demand for these skills.

As part of a greater community of Research and Education Networks, we are well-positioned to partner on a well-coordinated event that encourages cyber security talent development in students.

Missouri Schools are encouraged to compete in teams of 1-3 students at no cost to the schools or students. Here’s what can be expected with each round of competition:
Round ZERO (April-July 2019):
An online resource that can be utilized by parents, instructors and administrators as warm-up activities, supplements to curriculum and more. It is an unscored challenge, open to unlimited participants.

Round ONE (October 2019):
A four-day online challenge that will focus on networks, programming, operating systems and hacking skills. This round is open to 10-30 teams from each participating state. (MOREnet is coordinating the Missouri teams).

Round TWO (November 2019):
The National Championship features a virtual exercise designed to test teams’ skills with an intensive, timed series of cyber security challenges. The top 10 highest scoring teams from Round One will participate in Round Two.


The icing on the cake:
Cyber security Boot camp courses and examination vouchers will be awarded to students of the winning team. These certifications will qualify the students for entry level jobs in the industry.

Interested in having your students represent Missouri in this challenge? 
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