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Equipment: Sony Handicam HDR-CX240 Digital video camera, GoPro Hero 4 Session, tripod, camera cases and GoPro mounts. Software is installed on a limited number of public machines.


Price: Cameras about $200 each. Tripods $170 each. GoPro HERO4 Session $180, bags and accessories prices vary.

Software: Final Cut Pro software $300. Sony Vegas software $400. iMovie, Windows Movie Maker.

Why this project? All equipment can be checked out by patrons and used on personal projects. In-library video editing software complements the lending of video cameras.

Appeal Factors: Lets people be creative without interference. We started with six of the Sony Handicams that were checked out over 100 times the first year.

Tech savvy needed to implement: Beginner. We point people who need help with video editing software to appropriate courses on

Staff training: Everyone was encouraged to check out the equipment and try it at home so they could be familiar with the basics.

Implementation tips and hints: Make a list of all the equipment included in the camera case for easy checkin and simple for the patron to check that they are returning all items. Buy extra memory card so you can pop in a fresh one as the camera is returned and the old one goes into the envelope for contents to be erased. Patrons are given a copy of the UCPL Camcorder Policy and required to sign an agreement.


Patron feedback: We have had many enthusiastic reviews. A local author used our equipment to video and edit a commercial for his book, a dedicated grandmother takes video at all the grandkids events.

Things we should have done differently: Checking cameras when they come back during busy times is problematic so we have a box for cameras that are returned but need to be checked by a staff member.

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