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Equipment: Orion StarBlast 4.5” reflector tabletop telescope


Price: $335 – includes modifications made by the St. Louis Astronomical Society

Software: None

Why this project? The St. Louis Astronomical Society approached area libraries with this project modeled after a similar project in New Hampshire.

Appeal Factors:

Tech savvy needed to implement: Beginner

Staff training: Representatives from the St. Louis Astronomical Society came to the library multiple times to train staff.

Implementation tips and hints: Find a local astronomical society to partner with!


Patron feedback: The photo from above was submitted by one of our patrons using our telescope. By agreement, all libraries are lending telescopes for one week. We started with one telescope in November 2014 and will receive our 4th telescope this summer. As of this writing, we still have 28 holds on this item.

Things we should have done differently: Should have added more telescopes earlier. Because they are modified for easier checkout, there is limited availability.

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