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Project: Audio Recording Kit and StoryCorps Interviews

Equipment: We purchased the prescribed equipment from StoryCorps because we participated in the StoryCorps @ your library program. The kit we purchased includes a Marantz Professional solid state recorder, Sony MDR-7506 headphones and Audio-Technica ATM710 microphones. This high-end equipment is certainly not required for a successful oral history project.



Price: The kit purchase price was $2,500 but there are many cheaper equipment possibilities.

Software: None.

Why this project? We were selected in partnership with the Ferguson Public Library for the StoryCorps @ your library program.

Appeal Factors:

Tech savvy needed to implement: Intermediate

Staff training: Staff attended StoryCorps training as part of the program. She, in turn, trained staff and volunteers to be facilitators.

Implementation tips and hints: StoryCorps has an extensive Do-It-Yourself Guide that can help start an oral history project.



Patron feedback:

Things we should have done differently:

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