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Want to know what your Cyber Security team has been doing the past couple of days?

  1. Presented/Participated in 10 Workshop Sessions.
  2. Spent time with 17 member contacts representing 15 different organizations – K-12 and Public Libraries
  3. Member Contacts traveled a total of 2,000 +/- Miles to spend 2 days here at the MOREnet Offices.
  4. Were joined by MOREnet staff who presented and participated in the Sessions – Gloria Stephenson, Matt Parris, David Kessler, Josh Noble, Charley Steinhaus, Stephanie Hanson, and Jim Long.

We also played two rounds of Security Kahoot which were highly entertaining!!  We had time for networking, story sharing, and questions.

We finished the Bootcamp with a drawing for a FREE two-day conference pass. All in all it was a GREAT learning experience for everyone!

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